Twitter Bot (Idolino) v1.1



Why do you need it?
Allows you to swing accounts well without doing anything. The more promoted the account, the more money can be earned from it on services such as:
QComment, VKTarget and others like that ...
And it's just nice when a lot of people read you))).

What does the bot do?

-Starts reading accounts with a description of mutual following.
-Automatically follows everyone who subscribed to the account.
-After a while, it unsubscribes from those who have not subscribed to you and adds them to the black list.

The bot works at a moderate pace, imitating human actions, so Twitter limits are practically not scary to him, the exceptions are cases when you simultaneously try to do similar actions (subscribe-unsubscribe).
In this case, you just need to restart the bot. Don't worry if Twitter checks you are not a robot a couple of times. After a couple of such checks, they stop.

Twitter Bot (Idolino) v1.1 has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system