Ubot studio plugin


Advanced Captcha (V3)

WebSite TEST
deathbycaptcha.com [y]
de-captcher.com [y]
antigate.com [y]
eve.cm [y]
humancoder.com [y]
imagedecoders.com [n]
beatcaptchas.com [n]
imagedecoders.com [n]
imagetyperz.com [n]
shanibpo.com [n]
captchabot.com [n]
ripcaptcha.com [n]
2captcha.com [y]
spamvilla.com [y]
captchatronix.com [y]

Big changes. It can not replace V2 or lower.
*** Some items I have not tested. If you want me to test. Please feel free user account To me. Borrowed temporarily ***