vBot TurboLiker



vBot TurboLiker is a bot for earning and boosting views, subscribers, likes, reposts, comments, polls and gifts on VKontakte, as well as ask.fm likes through the website turboliker.ru

The bot is automatically registered on the turboliker.ru website and performs tasks with your VKontakte accounts.
For completing tasks, the TurboLiker website awards points that can be spent on cheating VKontakte / ask.fm or sold.

How to use the program:
1. Add VKontakte accounts
2. Add IPv4 HTTPS Proxy
3. Specify the key of the captcha recognition service
4. Press the "Start" button
5. The bot will do the rest for you

[+] Ability to work a large number of accounts at the same time (multithreading)
[+] Automatic registration on turboliker.ru through your referral link
[+] Solving VKontakte captcha via rucaptcha.com or anti-captcha.com
[+] Proxy and balance checker
[+] Ability to automatically delete tasks from your account
[+] Ability to use both separate proxy lists (separately for VKontakte, separately for TurboLiker), and a general list
[+] Search for working TurboLiker proxies (brute force) in case of problems with loading pages and errors during authorization
[+] Creation and activation of coupons as an add-on for 600 rubles.
[+] Bypass TurboLiker password as an add-on for 600 rubles. You can log into accounts, even if someone has previously set a TurboLiker password on them
[+] Setting unequal minimum scores for completing an assignment, depending on the type of assignment, as a supplement for 600 rubles. For example, join communities for at least 1 point, and add as friends for at least 5 points

The bot binds to the computer and OS. Rebinding - 60 rubles.

Additions are bound to a key and are rebound only with that key.

1200 rubles one time, updates are free
Payment is accepted on Qiwi, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, PayPal and Visa cards, Mir (VTB, Sberbank)

vBot TurboLiker has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com