Vgolose - program for earning Vkontakte votes.

  • Full automation of work.
  • Automatic account replacement.
  • Simultaneous operation of the program on all services.
  • The program works 24/7.
  • Resume and repeat the program when the Internet connection is interrupted.
  • Completing all possible tasks on services.
  • The ability to register accounts using Affiliate links.
  • Automatic updates of tasks that come from services.
  • Possibility of automatic draining of points into Voices / Own tasks.
  • Automatic replacement of accounts after the time you set.
  • Automatic replacement of accounts after a certain achievement of points on the service.
  • Automatic draining of points for tasks or votes.
  • Support for services for solving captcha (Antigate, Rucaptha).
  • HTTP (S) proxy support
  • Constant release of program updates.
  • Any of your requirements can be entered into the program free of charge.

Vgolose has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system