Viking Botovod



Multifunctional inviter for the social network VKontakte

The main features of the program:
- Invitation to groups
- Meeting invitation
- Invitation to applications
- Invite all friends
- Invite online friends
- Search by criterion
- Multithreading
- Support for and manual captcha input
- Support for http, socks4, socks5 proxies (including authorization)
- Supports a list of groups, you can set the maximum number of invitees
- Built-in account and proxy checker
- Cancellation of old invites
- Convenient statistics
- Intuitive interface
- Support for the ignore list, the second time no one is invited
- Correct work in case of errors
- Able to work even with free proxy servers
- Optimized for minimum captcha consumption
To work correctly, you need .NET Framework 3.5
Benefits of the program:
- Constant free updates, taking into account the innovations of the contact.
- High-quality technical support, there is help and training videos for the program.
- There is a closed forum to discuss the program and features of inviting VKontakte.
- Several people are working on the program with long-term plans for the development and support of the program.

Viking Botovod has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system