Multifunctional program for creating and publishing ads on the Avito website.

  • Multithreading
  • Change of IP address
  • Support for Socks5 proxy servers
  • Change of IP-address due to reconnection of the Internet connection (dynamic IP-address)
  • Automatic recognition of security codes
  • RuCaptcha
  • Unique ad builder
  • Import ads
  • Account manager
  • Registration of accounts with full captcha bypass
  • Deferred publishing
  • Distribute your ads evenly over a specified time range
  • Automatic removal of ads after publication
  • Deletion at the specified date and time
  • Deletion in the specified number of minutes after posting
  • Automatic price change in an ad after publication
  • Decrease or increase in price
  • Price change on the specified date and time
  • Price change in the specified number of minutes after publication

Ads constructor:
  • Various randomization macros
  • Random city, random area (metro)
  • Importing a custom list of cities
  • Using text from arbitrary files in any fields
  • Saving ad templates

Import ads:
  • Import of data of any format
  • Automatic download of images from links

Account manager:
  • Automatic removal of blocked accounts
  • Execution of an arbitrary file after blocking an account (used to change IP by reconnecting the Internet connection)

Account registration:
  • Fast account registration system with SMS activation
  • Registration through a proxy
  • Automatic saving of ready-made accounts to a file in program format

Program interface:
  • Detailed table containing all information about your ads:
  • Status
  • Title Ad
  • Description of the ad
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • City
  • Date and time of publication
  • Date and time of postponed publication
  • Date and time of the postponed deletion
  • Date and time of the postponed price change
  • IP address
  • Number of views per day
  • Number of views for all time
  • Link to ad
  • Quick jump to a published ad in a browser
  • Removing an ad from the site
  • Checking ads without authorization
  • Checking ads with authorization to your account
  • Sort columns according to desired criteria
  • Group actions on ads
VitaBot has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system