VK Advanced API



It's an interesting thing. It seems like there are a lot of these open-source sources, but they are all somehow incomplete.😡

This is how I decided. Decided and done☺️

VK Advanced API provides an opportunity to fully enjoy all the features of the VK API, which it itself cannot provide.

Here you will see:
  • Authorization using the username and password, not just a token
  • Improving the work of some methods and grouping them into one fully-fledged working method
  • Improved event polling
  • New type of events - Notifications Events (copyright name)
  • Processing captcha using the RuCaptcha service
  • Custom error handling
  • High-quality and fast work
  • Flexible configuration for all needs
This and not only you can see here!

Very easy and convenient installation!

Some errors during installation are possible (the package is so assembled that the necessary modules are installed at the end)

To avoid them, follow the instructions below.

Run the following commands in your console

pip install requests pip install parsel pip install captcha_solver pip install pymitter pip install lxml

And install the module itself
pip install vk_advanced_api

If you want to install a specific version, use ==versionwhere version is the desired version
pip install vk_advanced_api == 1.3.1

To update the module, write the parameter --upgrade, the latest stable version will be installed

pip install --upgrade vk_advanced_api

Documentation https://github.com/Ar4ikov/vk_advanced_api