Powerful bot for working with VK, account life emulator, multi-messenger.

All settings are made in a convenient web interface in your browser, and all data is stored in the MySQL database.

Work with personal messages of accounts, many tasks with flexible settings, media profiles of posts and comments, target audience filters, auto-shortening of links, smart rotation of files / folders and other goodies

All template settings are made in your browser, in a convenient and intuitive interface. A convenient and functional admin panel in PHP has been specially developed for this.

All template settings, accounts, tasks, lists are stored in the MySQL database. This ensures maximum data access speed and maximum data storage reliability.

Template functions:

  • Activity emulation
  • Pause
  • Account cleaning
  • Privacy settings
  • Change of main. data
  • Uploading an avatar
  • Uploading photos
  • Upload video
  • Download audio
  • Setting / rotating status
  • Join communities
  • Leave communities
  • Filling the wall
  • Make a promo post
  • Checking / replacing a promo post
  • Create a community
  • Make friends with your accounts
  • Add to friends
  • Add as friends to possible friends
  • Approve friend invitations
  • Liking photos / avatars
  • Liking posts
  • Liking video
  • Liking comments to posts
  • Commenting on photos / avatars
  • Video commenting
  • Post commenting
  • Commenting on Discussions
Posting on other people's walls
  • Posting on user walls
  • Posting on the walls of groups
  • Posting in `` suggest news ''
Private messages
  • Sending private messages to users
  • Sending private messages to friends
  • Answering machine
For community admins
  • Filling the community wall
  • Approve applications to a closed group
  • Edit community settings
  • Invite friends to a group (inviting)
  • Cleaning the list of links (deleting banned ones)
  • Vote in a poll
  • Uploading Videos to Open Community Videos
  • Uploading photos to public photo albums of communities
Specificity of the template
All tasks are completely independent from each other. They are so independent that even if several different tasks simultaneously work with the same list (for example, post IDs), then each task `` twists '' this list yourself. In a simple way, if one task `` took the post id from the top of the list and put it at the end of the list '', then for another task working with the same list, nothing in it will change, it will `` twist '' this list yourself. But, if one of the tasks removes an item from the list, then it will be deleted for all tasks working with this list!
The complete independence of tasks also means that you cannot configure the template so that, for example, it would take a user ID and perform several different actions with it at a time (for example, like an avatar and comment on a post on the wall), but you can run 2 independent tasks (like autarks and commenting on posts) working with the same list of user IDs. This is done so that it would be possible to set separate daily limits and breaks for each action.

VK-Botovod has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha