With the help of the best simple program vk-robot, you can easily and quickly complete all the solutions and tasks for the social network VKontakte.

In the settings section, you can add, an unlimited number of accounts either manually or from a .txt file, an id identifier to activate the full version of the program (specify after payment in the order form), add an anti-captcha key (rucaptcha, anti-captcha, ripcaptcha), accept automatically to friends with an interval of 10 seconds, show a notification about those whom the program has accepted automatically as friends, accept subscribers, eternal online, eternal offline while the program is running, minimize the program to the tray, set up messages, the ability to chat on behalf of the group, notification of a new one message and the possibility of correspondence from one account or from all at once, while the sender will not know that you have read the message, his sent message will be marked with a dark background in the dialog tab. For those who are from Ukraine, adding accounts is available by importing through a text file, launch the program, click the settings, click the add from file button, create a text file on the desktop, open, write the login, password, and proxy data that you were given when buying a proxy ... Input format (login; password @ proxyServer: proxyPort = proxyLogin: proxyPass).
Example: vkrobot@mail.ru; 8823kgkjwe Rfklfkkwm; 238635fhkwe@ 10182 Rfklfkkwm; 238635fhkwe@ 10182 = Rfklfkkwm: 238635fhkwe

Avatars and posts autoliker
Increase the popularity of your VKontakte page! Effectively. Fast. Guaranteed. This function implements a wide search for people by criteria with reciprocity like on the avatar, like on the last post and like on the last post of the profile owner in VK through the browser and VK API Android. The number of adding accounts is not limited !!! A new function has been added: deleting the likes that have been put (these are the objects that can be viewed on the page in the bookmarks section), now after the avatars are autoliking, you can delete all the likes after a while. The function is in the "likes" section. Added the ability to like the list using accounts in turn, that is, not to like all accounts on one VKontakte page id.

Post and private message to friends
With this function, you can quickly send a private message and a post on the wall to friends and users found by advanced search criteria with attaching photos, videos, audio, documents, page id, public, group and external link. Mailing can be carried out with an unlimited number of accounts. To reduce the loss of captchas, it is advisable to add 3 variants of the text. Advice: do not indicate the link to the group or site in the text field, otherwise such a post will be deleted by the contact within a minute, for the link there is a special field in the program. Tip: added @name variable - change to name, use it to get different messages to reduce the likelihood of account blocking. This variable is used in the sections: adding to friends, messages, post and in the settings for automatic friend acceptance.

Add as Friend
Before adding to friends, fill in the search criteria: select country, city, gender, age, marital status, sort by popularity or registration date, online, online from a mobile, only with a photo, then go to the launch parameters tab, enter a message in the field three different versions of the text to reduce the frequency of captchas, check the "like on the photo" box and click on the add as friend button. At the bottom of the program, you can see a log of the program's actions. The program works with popular anti-captcha services (rucaptcha.com, ripcaptcha.com, anti-captcha.com). The limit set by the contact is 50 friends per day from one account.

VK-Robot has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com