The best free program for mailing and promoting VKontakte!
A whole combine for VKontakte accounts, breaking down any barriers!

  • Multithreading. Different accounts can work at the same time in different tasks.
  • Creation and maintenance of the page. Registration, defrosting, activation, password change, clearing, filling of accounts, check of accounts.
  • Creation and management of communities. Filling communities, inviting, clearing invites, clearing posts on the wall.
  • Mailing to users. I like, Repost, Private message, Add to friends, Post on the wall, Comment.
  • Newsletter to communities. I like, Repost, Private message, Join the community, Post on the wall, Comment.
  • Captcha input support. ruCaptcha, Antigate, manual mode, CapMonster, xEvil.
  • Proxy support. HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5. Mobile proxies. Bekkonekt proxy.
  • Built-in browser. You can quickly open any account in the built-in browser through the Proxy account, UserAgent and Cookies.
  • Randomization of text using curly braces, support for attachments, including from the computer.
  • Separate work schedule for each task.
  • Detailed statistics of the program, task and individual account.
VKAccountsManager has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com