Bot for cheating in social. networks VK (Vkontakte) and Instagram (Instagram). An excellent tool for an SMM specialist.

Some of the functions of the program are listed below. You can familiarize yourself with all the functions in the Knowledge Base.

  • Always at hand
    Our program works on smartphones and tablets running Android OS. The program is always at hand. Use VKClient wherever possible: on the bus, a break between couples at the university, in the shopping queue.

  • Adding Friends
    The program allows you to send requests to friends both automatically and manually. It is possible to send requests to friends of the specified people, including friends of friends.

  • Sending messages
    The program allows you to send messages to those who have accepted your offer of friendship or to strangers.

  • Proxy server support
    In our program, you can use a proxy server. Using proxy servers reduces the chance of account blocking.

  • Answering machine
    The program has an autoresponder. The bot itself will respond to incoming messages.

  • Integration with popular captcha recognition services
    Our application has integration with RUCAPTCHA, CPTCH and ANTI-CAPTCHA service.

  • Lowest prices
    We have the lowest prices. A weekly subscription costs 50 rubles. For a month - 100 rubles. For a year - 1000 rubles. Unlimited subscription for a month - 1000 rubles. At the same time, you can work with an unlimited number of accounts. More details in the price section.

  • Publishing Posts
    The program has the ability to publish posts in groups with an open wall. Also, the bot can put likes on your posts when publishing (first).

  • Liking
    The program puts likes on photos and posts of users.

  • Happy Birthday
    The program automatically congratulates your friends on their birthday.

  • Flexible settings
    When sending requests to friends (sending messages, liking), you can configure different parameters. There are filters by the number of friends, by the number of subscribers and by the status of profiles.

  • Referral system
    You offer your colleagues our program and 10% of their expenses will be credited to you. The referral system makes it possible to use the program for free.

  • Run on a computer
    If you do not have an Android device, then you can run the program on your computer using emulators. For example, using NoxPlayer or BlueStacks.

  • Incoming friend requests
    The program can automatically confirm incoming friend requests.

  • Deferred posting
    In the program, you can configure deferred posting, i.e. you can customize the post itself and the time of its publication. With delayed posting, the program can automatically repost the published post and write comments to it.

  • Deferred posting to Instagam
    In the program, you can set up a delayed posting to Instagram, i.e. you can customize the post itself and the time of its publication.

  • Instagam mass following
    In the program, you can set up a subscription to certain pages on Instagram. The program can subscribe to subscribers of a specific page or from a downloaded list.

VKClient has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com