- Full multithreading
- Proxy support
- Liking avatars, posts on the wall
- Liking comments
- Repost avatars / posts on the wall
- Ability to repost both on the account wall and on the community wall
- Accepting friend requests
- Random delay between likes, as well as general, between users
- Ability to set a limit on likes / reposts / captchas for each account
- Captcha recognition via Antigate / RuCaptcha / RipCaptcha
- Automatic bypass security checks (phone confirmation upon authorization, if possible)
- Ability to use your UserAgents
- Ability to skip Offline users
- Ability to skip those who did not come for a certain time
- Detailed statistics, as well as statistics for each account
- Blacklist

VkMultiActive has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com