1. Mailing to the walls of groups and meetings
2. Mailing in comments on the walls of communities
3. Submitting newsletter
4. Community messaging
5. Mailing by private messages
6. Mailing to the walls of users
7. Mailing by comments on the walls of users
8. Sending comments on individual posts on the walls
9. Mailing list for discussion
10. Newsletter by video

* All modules above also have the following functionality:
- The program works through the full version of VKontakte, and not through the API, which significantly reduces the risk of account blocking.
- Detailed statistics for each account
- Setting specific limits for accounts
- Sound notifications when blocking / captcha / limit / end of work, as well as notifications in the taskbar
- Captcha recognition via Antigate / RuCaptcha / RipCaptcha
- Automatic bypass security checks (phone confirmation upon authorization, if possible)
- Ability to upload your User-Agents for accounts

VkMultiSender has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com