Vkontakte page placeholder



- random choice of the city according to the country you set, for each account
- support for any kind of proxy
- clean the page
(clean avatars, wall, messages, personal information, delete friends, friend requests, leave groups, delete videos, delete photo albums, music, delete & amp; quot; dogs & amp; quot; from friends, delete invitations to groups )
- indicate city and country
- change the language of the page to Russian
- shoot security
- add audio recordings
(add random audio recordings, or from a specified group, select the number)
- accept friend requests
- join groups
(join random groups, join your group list, select the number)
- open that the page is visible to everyone
- indicate random marital status
- indicate the phone number on the page (taken from the login)
- indicate life position (randomly)
- set status
- close comments
- deny entries
- repost records
(from a group, from a page, according to your list. Selecting the number of shares from a group, total shares)
- publish a record (software can choose a random record from several)
- upload an avatar (at the same time photos are uploaded to the page, all the amount that is in the folder)
- publishes recording and photo (jpeg)
- disables alerts
- puts a ban on invitations to applications
- puts a ban on invitations to communities
- the ability to upload an additional photo album (choice of name and number of photos)
- upload video (from page ID, choice of quantity)
- change password
- gender selection
- selection of the captcha solving mode (manual, antigate, rucapcha)
- choice of delay between account fillings

- automatic selection of different folders for each account when uploading an avatar and photo
- the ability to publish a post on the wall text with a photo
- automatic loading of the list of statuses, path to photos, records, automatic selection of male photos and female photos

Vkontakte page placeholder has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com