The project is multifunctional. Automatic registration and filling both according to the specified parameters, and absolutely randomly.
You can use registration and filling both separately and all at once.

1) Upload avatars and photos to the album.

2) Joining groups both at random and in their own.

3) Filling out the status, Website, place of work, specifying the phone number, Skype, etc.

4) Post / repost on the account wall.

5) Add music and videos.

Built-in lists of first and last names, or you connect your own.

Filling is possible for all items available in the VK. There are large built-in lists for zaponeniye, for example, the item "Interests" and others, where a large number of options are required. You can connect your lists.
Setting privacy is just as selective or random as other items.

Full random fill.

It works both with and without a proxy. Saving bad proxies to a separate file. Proxies can be looped.

Optimized for working with mobile proxies.

Ability to run the bat file both before and after the template with additional parameters.

Support for multithreading is an important point given the current VC requests, which significantly speeds up registration in large quantities.

Support for well-known SMS services. Such as: Vak-sms.com, 5SIM.net, SMS-activate.ru, SMS-online.pro, CheapSMS.ru, SMSka.net, Simsms.org, SmsHub.org and others.

You can also register on your SIM cards.

You can choose the gender of the account and the age range for registration.

Features for promotion and other useful features will be added soon.

Technical support for users.

VKreg has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha