- Authorization takes place without API
- Adding a proxy ipv4 HTTP (S) to a specific account
- Adding proxy IPv4 HTTP (S) by brute-force from the list
- Security check (Mainly because of the proxy)
- Manual captcha input
- A new way to add an account through a convenient form
- A new way to add proxies through a convenient form
- Ability to add accounts without loading the list
- Ability to add proxies without loading the list
- Save loaded accounts for later login
- Save downloaded proxies for later login
- Saving the Antigate key for later login - Ability to automatically connect the Antigate key at the start of the program
- Antigate
- Ability to save a log of work

- Ability to queue up 15 tasks for each account
- Individual, fine-tuning of each task
- Ability to see the progress of each account (Number of active tasks and the stage of their completion)
- Ability to view a list of completed tasks for each account + the time of their completion.
- Ability to observe information about each task + add descriptions to them.

- Detailed log for each account
- Ability to save a log
- Ability to clear the log

- System notifications about the appearance of captcha, closing the program, starting or stopping the task.
- Sound notifications about program events
- Notifications for each user

- Increase / Decrease the number of the maximum number of jobs
- Enable / Disable notifications in the program
- Turn on / off sound in the program
- Enable / Disable Antigate service
- AG imitation - for connecting third-party anti-captcha programs
- Captcha behavior settings when AG is connected
- Captcha bypass functions
- Ability to save captcha to a file
- Added the ability to open a page in the browser by pressing a button

- Division into categories (Walls, Comments, LS)
- Convenient enable / disable right from the shortcut menu of the program
- General ignore list (For all accounts, one ignore list)
- Individual ignore list (Each account has its own ignore list)
- Selective inclusion of the ignore list for any account
- Choice of the method of using the ignore list (Use in parsing, mailing list or everywhere at once)
- Function of remembering posts of dispatch of comments (Ignore-list remembers only the post, and no longer sends comments there)
- Automatic saving of all ignore lists.
- Convenient editing and cleaning of ignore lists.
- All settings of the ignore list are saved automatically.

- Along the walls in groups
- By comments in groups
- In `` suggest news to groups ''
- On the walls to people
- Ability to send posts to the wall only to those users from the list who are online.
- Ability to send private messages only to those users from the list who are online.
- Saving links to posts in the file [new]
- Deleting previously posted posts [new]
- By comments to people
- In Direct Messages to people
- When sending by comments, you can:
Skip pinned post.
Reply to a random user who left a comment on this post.
Select the depth of commenting
Select an initial post (example: leave a comment from 6 to 26 posts)
- When sending to the LAN, calls are available by macros:
% name% in the text is replaced by NAME
% family% in the text is replaced by the Surname
% fullname% in the text is replaced by NAME + SURNAME
- With any mailing there is:
Text randomization [{text1 | text2 .. | ..textN}] - will send any of their texts in brackets
Up to 10 attachments
Newsletter loop
Determining the shipping limit
Mailing timeout
Random timeout. (Ability to select FROM and TO values) Mailing only as attachments (no text)

- Groups with open walls
- Groups with open comments
- Groups with an open opportunity to Submit news
When searching for groups or people, links are not duplicated. Only those links that are not in the list are saved.
- Ability to search for friends with open Walls / Comments / Personal Messages who are currently online.
- Ability to find people from groups that are currently online. - Group search criteria:
Name, group subject
Search page (To avoid repeating the found ones)
Number of groups
Search timeout
- People with open walls
- People with open comments
- People with open drugs
- People search criteria:
Name, gender, age (from - to), region, now online
Search only among friends
Search page (To avoid repeating the found ones)
Number of persons
Search timeout
- People from the list of groups:
Online now
Open walls, HP, suggest news

- Parsing and deleting blocked friends
All at once
- Parsing and deleting friends with private LANs
All at once
- Remove all dialogs [new]
- Links (Convenient saving and adding lists of groups and people for each account)

VKSpamGroup has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com