What is the better way to get backlinks for your site?


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Hi people!
Please give me a few ideas where is better to post backlinks and how to do it?
I heard a few times that there is some backlink generator that can leave a link to my site on a hundrets of special backlink sites - is it a good idea?
Or should I pay other site's owners for them?
Thanks a lot!


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Personally I haven't tried any backling generators and I won't recommend you too. Especially if it's for free. Would be too easy if that thing will replace careful backlinks buying process. So I think there must be a catch somewhere.

I can recommend you to buy backlinks as it's absolutely normal thing: if you want to earn something you ought to spend some money first. But chose sites carefuly: it's better if they would be somehow related in meaning. This will also increase a flow of interested visitors, so you'll not only get a backlink for SE, but for real people too.