WordPress is now used by 39.6% of all sites


Currently, 39.6% of all sites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. In the content management systems market, the share of this CMS is 64.1%. This is evidenced by the latest data from W3Techs, which analyzes 10 million sites from the Amazon Alexa ranking.

In 2018, WordPress was used by 30% of sites, and its share of the CMS market was 60.2%. In 2020, these were 35% of sites.

At the same time, a significant proportion of sites do not use any of the monitored CMS - 38.3%.

The top 10 content management systems according to W3Techs at the beginning of 2021 also includes Shopify (3.2%), Joomla (2.2%), Drupal (1.5%), Wix (1.5%), Squarespace ( 1.5%), Bitrix (1%), Blogger (1%), Magento (0.7%) and OpenCart (0.6%).