XRumer is a bulk messaging program for Windows. Designed to automatically send link spam to sites (mainly web forums and blogs) for black SEO purposes. When posting spam, it can bypass the methods used to protect against automated spam (account registration, CAPTCHA, text confirmation and e-mail activation). The program also uses its own database of proxy servers, which makes it difficult to block it by IP.

XRumer is designed to automatically place ads and links to:
  • phpBB forums, Invision Power Board, VBulletin, YaBB, Icon Board, UltimateBB, etc.;
  • guest books;
  • blogs;
  • Wiki services;
  • message boards, link directories, social networks;
  • any other sites (configured individually by the user).

In the course of its work, the program automatically finds and fills in the required fields without using a browser, and, if necessary, is automatically registered. In the process, the program bypasses various types of protection against automatic registration:

  • Protection using pictocode (tickets) of the type "Enter the number you see";
  • Protection with a text logical question like "How much will 2 + 2 be?" and the like;
  • Protection by activation by e-mail;
  • Protection with some Java scripts;
  • reCAPTCHA.

XRumer has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com