XSEOChecker - Website accounting software designed to collect and store information about domains.

Checks can be carried out in four directions:
1. Checking all parameters of the current group
2. Checking all parameters of the selected lines
3. Checking 1 parameter of all domains of the current group
4. Checking the selected cells in the table

When checking parameters, the program shows which parameter is being checked.

It is possible to change the interval for sending requests to services. By default, requests are sent not to the same service in a row, but to different services sequentially, thus increasing the interval of calls to the service, which avoids sanctions from the service (captcha).

The program itself rechecks the data on all domains with the interval (in hours) specified in the settings, being minimized to the tray.

The program uses a plugin system, so it can be easily extended with data collection functionality. What data to display and collect is indicated in the settings.

You can expand the functionality of data collection by writing a plug-in to the program. The plugin needs to be placed in the Plugins folder. If you place an assembly in this folder in which there are public types that implement the "IBasePlugin" interface, the program will automatically recognize and will use this type to retrieve new data types. More details here.

The data is stored in a SQLite database.

XSEOChecker has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com