YouTube began testing the ability to buy goods from video


YouTube has confirmed that it has begun testing the ability to purchase items from videos.


As part of a pilot project, the service asked some content creators to add "certain products" to their content. By clicking on the shopping cart icon located in the lower left corner of the video, viewers will see a list of these products. From here, they can explore each product page for more information, view related items, and available purchase options.

The new experiment is only seen by users in the US - on iOS, Android and desktop devices.

A limited number of content creators are participating in pilot testing.

Recall that YouTube's plans in this direction first became known in October. After the launch of this functionality, users will be able to buy directly on the platform those products that they saw in reviews, unpacks, video instructions, etc.


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Oh, that's interesting. But now there will be much more advertising on YouTube, in the videos themselves, integrated.