What is Zennoposter? This is the automation of routine tasks in the browser, working with tables and text files. Zennoposter allows you to create programmable bots for almost any task.

Do your browser routine often? For example, register 2000 accounts? Zennoposter will do it in an hour ...

Zennoposter features
  • Multithreading;
  • Drag & Drop interface (cubes with actions);
  • Automatic template recording - you perform actions in the browser, and Zenka writes after you to the template;
  • IntelliSearch - Automatic Field Recognition with Learning Option;
  • Very high quality human emulation;
  • User profile system - generates you a complete profile from your full name, date of birth, city, nickname, etc .;
  • Bypasses many site protections;
  • Excellent opportunities for working with texts, tables, etc .;
  • You can connect code in C #, JavaScript, execution of exe and bat files - programmers have a lot to turn around;
  • Working with proxies and captcha services (Anti-Gate, CaptchaBot, DeCaptcher, etc.);
This is just a small part of the charms of the program.

ZennoPoster has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com