Unique Content: Images


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Hello. When creating and optimizing a site, I focus on the uniqueness and usefulness of the content.
More specifically: I take photographs of goods in an online store, process and post.
But the essence of the matter is that I am not the first to post photos, but I give them to my dealers - who, in turn, push these products across message boards, marketplaces, etc.

As a result, we have: photos of my site are indexed for a week, photos of third-party resources are indexed faster. Accordingly (as I know), plus the uniqueness goes to third-party resources.

Question: if I post an optimized (compressed by weight) image in the original extension of 4000x3000 px on the site, and the images that are already on the Internet (described above) have a smaller extension. After indexing - does my image have 100% uniqueness and does it have an advantage over others in terms of uniqueness?


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How do you think Google defines uniqueness in general? And how does it fight back in the SERP? What kind of bonuses does he give?


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The first thing that comes to mind to find out a unique picture or not is the metadata and its hash. But surely Google has a lot of other algorithms.